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Canaan Fir

Canaan Firs are beautiful evergreen trees that are closely related to the Balsam Fir. Their popularity as a cut Christmas tree has grown over the years because it is one of the longest lasting cut trees, remaining fresh from Thanksgiving through New Years! The shape of the Canaan Fir is beautiful, it has strong branches for hanging ornaments, an exceptional fragrance, and excellent needle retention.

Concolor Fir

The appeal of concolor fir as a Christmas tree is unmistakable. Concolor fir has a stately symmetrical growth habit when young. Needles are typically blue-green and, in some cases, can be a dramatic powder blue. Needles of concolor fir are longer than most other firs commonly grown for Christmas trees, giving trees a coarser texture than most other firs. Branches are still and hold ornaments well. Concolor needles have a pleasant scent that is usually described as citrus- or orange-like. Needle retention is excellent, though it varies by seed source.

Grand Fir

The Grand Fir scent really is incredible! It has a powerful citrus-like evergreen aroma and is, by far, the most fragrant Christmas tree. When you are at the Christmas tree lot, pick just a few needles and crush them between your fingers to get a sample of that powerful aroma.

Fraser Fir

When it comes to tree identification, the Fraser fir tree is one of the most recognizable trees in the country. The color of the Fraser is a dark green color, which is why people consider it the ideal choice for a Christmas tree. The best way to describe the shape of the Fraser fir is triangle or pyramid. The Fraser fir has needles like a typical pine tree, but they are short and soft compared to the coarse, sharp needles found on other trees. Another thing about the needles that makes the Fraser fir a good choice for a holiday tree is that the needles on the tree have a shiny, wet appearance, which makes them reflect Christmas lights in a nice way that really adds a shimmer to the tree when the lights are on.
With their dark green color and shiny appearance, Grand Fir is a very beautiful Christmas tree. The needles have a silvery underside with two lines of stomatal bloom that reflect the Christmas tree lights for a beautiful effect. Grand Fir needles are arranged in a flat array on the twigs in a way that gives a very graceful appearance to the tree. While similar to Balsam Fir from the eastern United States, western Grand Fir seed sources from northern Idaho have dramatically improved needle retention and in home performance during the Christmas.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir tree, a cone-bearing member of the pine family, is native to western North America. It is favored as a cut Christmas tree in some areas of the country. This pyramid-shaped ornamental tree has winglike branches and a unique, youthful habit in which the upper branches are ascending, while the lower branches descend. It is distinguished from other narrow-leaved evergreens by its scaly, long, pointed terminal buds and curious cones. No other cones of native conifers have persistent scales with conspicuous, protruding, three-pointed, forked bracts. The Douglas fir has flat, blunt needles with two white lines on the underside of the leaf, which are variable in color.

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